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USDA Licensed and Insured Flat-Rate Pre-Planned Routes: Exceptional Care, Unbeatable Value, and Inclusive Community

For those who prioritize affordability and quality, J & S Pet Transport is pleased to offer our Flat-Rate Pre-Planned Routes. Not only is this service meticulously designed to provide high-quality, efficient, and safe pet transport, it also comes with the assurance of being USDA licensed and insured. This guarantees a standard of excellence and reliability you can trust.

Key Features of Our USDA Licensed and Insured Flat-Rate Pre-Planned Routes:

  • Affordability Meets Quality: Benefit from a flat-rate pricing model that makes no concessions on the exceptional care and safety measures that J & S Pet Transport is celebrated for.

  • Inclusive Community of Care: Your pet will be in the excellent company of other well-cared-for animals, providing a social and comforting environment throughout the transit.

  • Operational Efficiency: With carefully pre-planned routes that involve scheduled stops for pick-ups and drop-offs, we maintain a balance of efficiency and care, ensuring prompt arrivals.

  • Transparent Communication: Our professional transporters provide a regular location and ETA updates, so you're always informed about your pet's journey.

  • Certified Excellence: As a USDA licensed and insured service, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is in the most qualified hands, receiving the high standard of care that our reputation is built upon.

By selecting our USDA Licensed and Insured Flat-Rate Pre-Planned Routes, you're making a financially astute decision without forgoing the superior care and comfort your pet so richly deserves. Reserve your spot today and experience the best in pet transport services.



We have planned a route from Rome, NY to ML. We are also stopping at MA and NY again to end the route. We have space available for this route! 

october  28.jpg



November Route is still being set up! We are currently still accepting pets for this route! Get a Quote Now to reserve your spot. 



Our transport route is carefully planned and predetermined, making it easy for you to know precisely when and where your pet will be picked up or delivered. We understand that your pet's safety and comfort are your top priority, and that's why we ensure that all our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features and climate control systems to provide a comfortable and stress-free journey for your pet.


Our experienced and trained drivers are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your pet. We ensure that your pet is well-fed, hydrated, and has plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs and relieve themselves during the journey. Our drivers will also provide regular updates and communication throughout the trip so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is in safe hands.


If you're on any of our predetermined routes, you can easily book your pet for a flat rate. You can book our transport service online or by phone. Our team will work with you to schedule a  pick-up or delivery time, and we'll ensure that all necessary documentation and permits are in place for a smooth and hassle-free transport experience.


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